News Update:
The News on the Boycott!
Here are the news clipping from around the world about the actor
credited with single handedly ruining the Broccoli family business. The
public relations nightmare that is Daniel Craig. Fans can't stand him and
the press loves to hate him. On display for your viewing pleasure is the
worst press coverage of any Bond actor!
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FOX is releasing the whole Bond series on
DVD again this month.
Movie tobacco terrorists are out again and
targeting Craig’s zero zero uh.. seven
Barbara Broccoli Brands Craig ‘the best
bond ever’
Craig Told Brosnan He Is No Longer Bond

Why James Bond has no secret desires
LIFE STYLE EXTRA: - Morgan Freeman
wants to be the next James Bond.

Next James Bond Will be Gay?
UPI: -China to continue blackout with
'Royale'. China to boycott Casino Royale?
2 More Polls Say Craig Is No Bond!

Nervousness about the new film is intense

New Sony Commercial: Casino Royale

Sony re-spins the Casino Royale trailer

Die Another Day  wins the peoples vote in
recent survey of top 40 blockbuster movies
Craig admits to not having the looks to
James Bond's smoking ban
Now that Bond’s lost his edge though, do
we really care?

Daniel Craig is the Bondeo man
EON and Sony’s crappy treatment of the U.
S. & Canadian Bond fans.

LSE: Beer for Bond?

U TV Newsroom: Sean Connery still the
best Bond

Gossip Monkey: So, the song is terrible

The crass Craig strikes again.

Canmag: Heineken Promotion in Casino
Cinematical: Not Shaken or Stirred -- In a
Green Bottle

Bond Goldfingers his Thunderballs
Gossip Monkey: - mixed feelings at a
preview screening here in town the other
night. “Craig ain’t no James Bond” and “it’s
no Bond movie by any means.”
Young Bond Dossier: -No Poster art for U.S
Casino Royale tie-in -Daniel Craig is
unfriendly on the set of his movies -Bond Girl Green Not A
007 Fan
Cinemablend: -a blond James Bond has
about as much appeal as a blond Batman
Ain’t It Cool News – first preview of the
unfinished film: Daniel Craig is not Bond &
the theme song is crap.

Craig Still Looks Like Crap in 2nd Casino
Royale Trailer Released Thursday.

Sony Unveils New Casino Royale Poster.

Boston Herald:  James Bond is now just
another corporate flunkie.
LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Daniel Craig
hates Los Angeles

Press rumour -Daniel Craig
will have a male love interest in the next
Bond movie. -Bond film setback to
cause problems for Activision? 007 is Bourne again: The
growing pains of James Bond –Another
dirty tirade James Bond Kisses
Truman Capote

Todayonline: Ford wants to sell Aston
Martin Bond  is moving
back to November.  

Engadget: James Bond's new  gadgets in
Casino Royale  unveiled

The Associated Press: Bond's  return leads
light season for  Hollywood franchise flicks

The Mirror: 007 DAN DOLL  GRIPE


Pierce Brosnan Takes The Gold:  #1
Hottest Actor Over 50 According To Recent

moviehole: Superman Dead? Bad Omen For

The Blond Bond Loses To Orlando Bloom In
2005 Poll:
Sunday Mirror:Craig Poor Man's James

The Sun:Bond jet:Haunted ... crew claim
plane is protected by spirit

The Charlotte Observer: "Craig As Bond: A
Blond Joke?"
The Oregonian: Is Daniel Craig a "Wussy
Galore" or A "Dud" in "Nice Duds"?

Ship Sails For Casino Royale Tie-In
"Is new Bond a sissy?"
Stalking Bond: "(Craig) Lacks The Look of
His Predecessors"
Why Does Nobody Care About Casino
Royale? (You only need one guess!)
Does the New 007 Spell the End of the
The Valley Sun News Asks: Is Craig Really
Bonded? 'Casino Royale' Set Goes Up
In Flames
New UK Poll Says 65% Think Craig Will Be
"Crap" As Bond! (We Didn't Make That Up!)

Pierce Brosnan Shows He's This
Generation's One and Only Bond In New
Fashion Ad Campaign

Vogue Magazine: "Never Mind Daniel
Craig... Pierce Brosnan Will Always Have
the Bond Charm..."

Bond Fans Flip Over Dreadful Photos of
Craig as 007 in Empire Magazine

Casino Royale Loses More Than Half of
Corporate Sponsors Since Brosnan Played
Yet Another Poll Shows Low Public
Interest In Casino Royale
The Hollywood News: Reader Poll Shows
Little Interest in Casino Royale

New Bond Fan Site Appears Making Cogent
Arguments Against Craig as Bond:
Alternative 007
Queer Guy For a Straight Spy?
Some admirably mischievous Bond fans have
posted a video of the new James Bond--Daniel
Craig himself--doing some passionate French
kissing with...another guy.  Unfortunately their
mischief has been managed by those who don’t
want you to see it. The YouTube video of the
Enduring Love make out has been taken down.

Rumour From Sony Sources: The Return of
the Real 007; Brosnan Back as Bond?

Casino Royale Marketing: Are Eon and Sony
Keeping Craig in the Dark?
Are Sony Execs Unhappy With Craig as
Bond And Casino Royale as Well?

HDTV UK: Bond Fans Say Save Close-ups
for Brosnan
Observer UK: Bond Book Review Questions
Craig as 007
Sunday Times: Bond Fans Think Craig Can't
Fill Brosnan's Shoes
Bond... Blond Bond
Brits Favor Brosnan Over Craig for 007 By
More Than 3 to 1 In Daily Mirror Poll
Glamour Magazine: Polls Show Brits Not
Yet Sold on Craig as Bond
National Post: Casino Royale Trailer
Enough To Make You Scream "Pierce
Cinema Strikes Back: Craig's Posing Makes
Casino Royale Look Like Parody of Calvin
Klein Ad
Fangoria: French Bond Farce More Fun
Than Casino Royale
The Daily Record: CnB's Putin-Craig
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Casino Royale
Trailer Review
The Manilla Bulletin: Is Daniel Craig
Moviehole.Net: 007 Winding Down
  Budapest Times: Craig Looks Like He's Had
10 Rounds With Mike Tyson!
Heineken Signs For 007 Ad Campaign--
Without the New 007!
New Poll Shows Most In Craig's Hometown
Don't Think He's a Good Bond Craig Sucks as
The Telegraph: Past Flops Nearly Killed
007, Will Craig Do The Same?
The Sunday Express UK Film Critic Henry
Fitzherbert On Craig: The Fun Has Gone
Out of Bond

Is Jinx Back On With Halle Berry? More
from The Gossip Monkey

The Daily Record: How Hugh Jackman
Passed Up Role of 007 Daniel Craig Has Been
Ordered to Lose Weight

The Sinking Ship: New Site
Argues Why Craig Is Not Bond Gossip Monkey Says Bond is
AOL Users Dislike Casino Royale Trailer By
More Than 2 To 1 Gossip Monkey Buries Craig,
Casino Royale Trailer Poll: Few Fans Prefer
Casino Royale Trailer
JoBlo.Com Reviews Casino Royale Trailer:
It "Doesn't look or feel like a 'Bond flick' "
CinemaBlend.Com On Casino Royale
Trailer: "Blonde Bond casting doesn’t make
a lot of sense." Timothy Dalton Says
Playing Bond Was The Best

Craig's Fanboys Wet Their Pants Over New
Bond Poster At

New Straits Times: Daniel Craig Is
'Unappealing' As Bond
Entertainment Tonight: Pierce Brosnan
Reveals His Dark Side
Ain't It Cool News: Casino Royale Script Is
Quite A  Gamble Lazenby the Best Bond?

More Gossip Monkey from
Craig Only Playing Bond for the Money?

Gossip Monkey, Casino
Royale Not A Real Bond Film?
St. Petersburg Times: Can Casino Royale
Succeed With Craig As Bond? Brosnan Speaks Out
Over Bond Snub Ranking the Bonds, James

Craig Calls The War On Drugs
‘Hypocritical’; Says Illicit Drugs Should Be

Did EA Arts Cancel Casino Royale Video
Game Because of Daniel Craig? -Slap of the day Daniel
Craig Craig - Gays On Board
With New Bond New Bond Making Major
Adjustments for The Role

The Sun: Craig's A Poker Fool! Daniel Craig, Gay Icon!
NBC Poll Shows Half of All Americans
Reject Craig As James Bond!

Headline Craig Wants To Dumb
Down Bond Daniel Craig's Dirty
3/26/2006 TV Guide: Casino Royale
Reboot Concept a Bore
The Sunday Mirror: Dan's A No-No Seven Daniel Craig's Father
Assures World Son Handy With A Toy Gun

Yahoo UK & Ireland News: Craig To
Unhappy Bond Fans: "Screw Them! Eyebrowless Bond Giving
115 Percent

Daniel Craig didn't want to be Bond

AZ Central@Night Losers of the Week, Feb.
24: Craig Looks Like Ross Perot! 'New Bond Will Strip For
The New York Times: Bond Franchise Is
Shaken and Stirred

London Daily Mirror: THE NAME'S

Ewan McGregor 'too short' for Bond
Calgary Sun: Daniel Craig Is Barely
Cleveland Plains Dealer: New Actor Will
Lower Bond Rating "Just boycott the movie
completely" Media May be James
Bond's New Enemy

Bond Dan 'not 007 fan'
MAXIM reports Daniel Craig as James Bond
unpopular at polls on Craig: "He's obviously not the
best-looking actor in the world"
Please visit:
  Craig thinks Bond is a "sexist pig"!
  Bond Wannabes, Unite! The time has come
for all men to put the '007 in 2007
  Forget Bond; Clive Owen challenged as
depressed hero
The first James Bond
Bond Doesn't Know Poker
74 percent of Muscovites questioned
preferred Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig.
Casino Royale: the new James Bond film.
007's Next Mission Revealed?
Will Borat beat bulging Bond?
Gadgets James Bond would kill for!
  New James Bond Gadgets a Big Bore.
Penguins beat Bond at UK cinemas.
  Bond's Balkan fans amused by lavish
Bond 2.1
Zolly's Official Verdict on Casino Royale.
Alternative 007's Tales From The Darkside.
Alternative 007's More Tales From The

ContactMusic:Craig wants gay Bond scene.

The case for Christian Bale as Bond.
Daniel Craig? Not Bond, James Bond.
  Cartoon Bond loses his humanity.
Superspy Vs. Spheniscidae:This Year's
Bond and Dancing Penguin go toe-to-toe.
Fans Scrutinize Mistakes in 'Casino Royale'
The spy who gagged me.

From a woman's perspective he is neither
sexy nor charming.
Gossip Monkey: So, my verdict on this
movie is simply this: Bourne-Lite.
Eva's Bond girl hate. Green recently
confessed she felt "sick" after finding out
she had been cast in 'Casino Royale'
The 'Royale' treatment: who wants to see
Bond learn a lesson about ego, as if he
were Greg Brady in his "Johnny Bravo"
Let's All Go to the Movies.

Bond flick leaves viewer shaken, not stirred.

Daniel Craig loves a freebie.

Daniel Craig is Bond, but not the real Bond.
Casino Royale is a Bond film for people
who think James Bond films are by and
large shite.
..the producers didn't show sufficient
respect for the formula.

Who’s the Better Bond?
‘Casino Royale’ Not Worth Paying For?
  Okay, I was willing to reserve judgment
until I saw the film, but now it's official ----
I don't like a blonde Bond!

New Bond is a dud.
Bond and PlayStation 3 can't save Sony.
Penguins Take Bond Over the Weekend.
Bond shaken by ... happy penguins.
  The V Calls Casino Royale's Bluff.
Casino Royale, most disappointing Bond
film ever.
New Bond and 'Casino Royale' don't give
audience license to care.
A brutish, buff Bond.
  I was looking forward to see this film but
the story sure didn’t hold up.
  New Bond Blunted.
Hollywood: Craig might need Botox in the
A Bankable Bond?
PlayStation 3 Won't Run Some Older
Games: More bad news for Sony

To Russia With Lies.

007 Dan looking glum.
Filmmakers roll the dice with new 007 in
Casino Royale.

Why Mr Bond, we've been expecting you.
The New James Bond: 00-Creepy? I Spy A Really Bad
Bond producer threatens to blow hole in

Craig sick of Martini offers.

Why Do We Love James Bond? Bond with the best.
The Sunday Times: “And you almost feel a
kind of patriotic duty to go out and see it.
Don’t bother. James Bond is dead..” Branson's Bond Cameo
Was Bought.

Craig flirts with 'STUNNING' Dench
Debbie Schlussel: I've Seen Casino Royale

007 Dan is 'Dr No' over sex.

Daniel Craig trashes the Casino Royale
Parisian film critic Mathieu Carratier on
Casino Royale: " trying to distance itself
from its pedigree, ends up with no pedigree
at all."
"And Daniel Craig isn't Bond. He's Jason
Bourne in five years."
Gossip  Monkey about Casino Royale: -
There’s been various reviews already,
though most are bias.

Craig not welcome in Japan?

Eon productions make gays the bad guys.

Why Does Nobody know Daniel’s name?

Only In It For the Money? endorses Happy
You might be shaken, but this Bond won't
leave you stirred.
Irish censor slaps tough rating on 'gritty'

Craig shaken by Bond attacks. Craig's Bond voxpops.
"Would you employ me again if I did
Brosnan still disappointed about Casino
Daniel Craig has further infuriated James
Bond fans
Sean Connery is back as James Bond
Dame Dench vouches for Craig: A new low
has been reached.

‘James Bond’ is shy of suicide bombers.

Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond so far.
The ‘anyone but Craig’ sentiment continues
to grow.

'Casino' head: McGregor should be Bond 007's Toys Suck
Casino Royale: Good action, but a Bond
The recent lack of buzz for Casino Royale.
Why does nobody seem to care? - Sony profits crash
after PC and PS3 troubles

Bond-Troversy Continues

Bond Race Row

Daniel Craig is not Bond in Casino Royale
Heineken Commercial.
James Bond to face competition in India.

The ‘Black James Bond’ is Born.