Daniel Craig has further
infuriated James Bond fans.


The British actor makes his debut as the suave spy in
upcoming movie ‘Casino Royale’ but has been the target
of a hate campaign started by some Bond fans who are
unhappy he has been cast in the famous part.

Despite insisting he is a huge fan of the series, Craig,
38, has now admitted he hasn’t made the effort to
watch a Bond adventure on the big screen since he was
five, when his father took him to see ‘Live and Let Die’.
He confessed to GQ magazine: “The first Bond film I
went to see was ‘Live and Let Die’. I think that was in
1973. The last time I paid to see a Bond film would be
1973! Except no, my dad paid!”
Shortly after Craig was announced as the new Bond
angry fans started an online petition urging movie goers
to boycott ‘Casino Royale’.
The group of disgruntled 007 enthusiasts asked people
to log onto website and voice
their displeasure at the decision to replace Pierce
Brosnan with the hunky blond star.
The site lambasted Craig for allegedly not being able to
drive a manual car, not being able to play cards, hating
guns and even for being blonde.

One fan, shocked at the ‘Layer Cake’ star’s admission,
said: “I can’t believe Craig hasn’t been to the cinema to
see a Bond film for over 20 years. James Bond can’t be
treated like any other movie. We, as fans, demand that
the history of the series is respected and it seems to me
that Craig doesn’t care about the prestige of playing 007
at all.”