Barbara Broccoli brands Craig
'the best Bond ever'

In another bit of recycled news Barbara Broccoli desecrates
her father’s legacy further by branding Daniel Craig as 'the
best Bond ever'. Hardly words of conviction coming from the
woman who by most accounts is Daniel Craig’s champion.
Barbara’s comments not only show contempt for the fans but
also her attitude towards the franchise.

Calling Craig the best Bond is an insult to the integrity of
every actor who has played the role.
It is interesting to note that according to those who have
already seen Casino Royale, the monotone Craig fails to play
Bond on the big screen. With this in mind Barbara’s frantic
defense of the sullen moon-faced Daniel Craig seems even
more desperate.


Hollywood News

Barbara Broccoli brands Craig 'the best Bond ever'

Washington, Oct 14: James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli
has extended her full support to the new 007, Daniel Craig,
labelling him "the best Bond ever".

The decision to cast Craig in new movie 'Casino Royale' has
angered many fans of previous Bond star Pierce Brosnan, who
have threatened to boycott the film and launched web sites
like and www.danielcraigisnotbond.

However, Broccoli's comments may help quell their fears to
some extent.

"He's the best Bond ever. He's such a superb actor. He's
incredibly sexy, he's very charismatic, he has enormous
screen presence and when he takes on a role he completely
inhabits the character, and in this case he did everything. He's
phenomenal. I think audiences will really embrace him,"
Contactmusic quoted Barbara Broccoli as saying.

It was previously reported that Craig can't drive a manual car,
has heat rash, was afraid of guns, water and heights. All of
these rumours and reports were later denied by Barbara
Broccoli in an interview with Variety.

Daniel however, has managed to win the confidence of studio
bosses with his acting skills, and has already signed-up for
two more Bond movies.