EON and Sony’s crappy
treatment of the U.S. &
Canadian Bond fans
DanielCraigIsNotBond NEWS

Probably inspired by the success of our own petition, our sister site
John Towers 007 launches a fight for the American Bond fans being
treated like crap by EON and Sony.

If you don’t know about it, there is a huge injustice going on. The
world wide DVD markets are getting a quality collection of Bond DVDs
in, by all accounts a cool collectors case.
However fans in the American markets are again getting the short
end of the stick. EON and its distributors have decided against selling
the complete Bond collection to the Americans. More second class
treatment for the Bond fans over there, seemingly keeping in
character for EON.

If you doubt this just take a look at the pictures below showing their
Bond release compared to the rest of the world. We’re astounded by
the open display contempt shown loyal Bond fans.

here to sign their petition.

here to read the reasons for the petition.