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Casino Royale Not
A Real Bond Film?
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Posted by Clint Morris on April 7, 2006

This one time, at Bond Camp. So, ‘Casino Royale’. Is this movie going to be a Bond
movie or a spy movie that just so happens to have the lead character called James
Bond? From scenes filmed I’ve seen and pages of the script I’ve read, it’s certainly
making me think the latter. Mind you, I always have. Craig is a little pumped up like
Diesel than Bond, but hey ho. Pool side, one night, in the Hills, positive comments
were made of another spy movie in production, which has heavy weight former
Bondians on board. C’est la vie. I did hear that Colin Salmon, an Agent in the
Brosnan Bonds and wanabe different Bond contender that never was, but hype is
hype, was being lined up for a mishmash of a project called ‘Pirate The Movie’, in
Great Britain. Lined up is exactly what was going on I believe. Nose salt is so 1980’s.
Back to badly scripted TV for the lot of you! Back! Get back!