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Craig Still Looks Like Crap in 2nd Casino Royale Trailer Released

Thursday, 7th September 2006

Things have gone from bad to worse. Daniel Craig looks
worse as Bond than we ever could have imagined. The ugly
duffer has succeeded in killing any hope of portraying James
Bond, obviously he is more at home playing characters
named Mingus than Bond. Craig proves his detractors right
with a monotone voice, jokes that miss the mark and one
constant dour, lemon sucking facial expression though out
the trailer.
Not Surprisingly, Craig’s fanboys have anointed themselves
by wetting their pants in a declaration of loyal fanboy love for
Daniel Craig.
Boasting about the same tired, haggard images of Craig.
It's as lame as you imagine.
Then there is the Vesper disappointment, the lines between
Craig and Eva Green don’t work. Undoubtedly turning off
Bond movie fans, Craig and Green lay it on thick and there is
still no reason we should care about any of it.

This trailer is pathetic attempt by EON not to sell Casino
Royale, instead they are trying to sell the idea of James Bond.
Not one time is the homely character played by Craig
identified as "Bond, James Bond". Instead they use the words
00 and the theme music which is not going to even be used in
the movie to try and enforce the idea this is a Bond Movie.
Out classed by the actor playing Le Chiffre, it is more
believable that Craig is the villain of the film than the hero.
Craig looks out of sorts as James Bond, in fact couldn't look
any worse. Craig's unfortunate appearance as 007 ranges
from silly to absolutely red-eyed, unkempt and haggard.
Those hoping to see James Bond in this trailer will be sorely

The critics can not fail to catch on to how out of his depth
Craig is. Editing, camera angels and a hip soundtrack can not
hide the lack of ability on his part. We can’t wait for
November when the critics finally have a chance to dig into
this monumental movie travesty. Click
here to see the trailer.

Craig Still Looks Like Crap in 2nd
Casino Royale Trailer Released