Ship Sails For Casino Royale
Did EON’s casting Craig cost the MGM & Sony millions? It seems more likely
now after company after company have declined to use Craig’s image. Also
Craig’s attitude of entitlement can not be dismissed as a detractor to
potential investors.
By Philip Palmer
Ship Sails For Casino Royale Tie-In

Since Activision acquired the rights to the Bond series, it was assumed
their first at bat would be an adaptation of the newest Bond film,
Casino Royale. However, as it appears now, Activision won't have
exclusive rights until September 2007, and therefore, instead of
releasing a game based on the film nearly a year after it's run in
theatres, Activision has decided to focus on a game based on the film
after Royale instead, which is scheduled for release in May of 2008.

In the meantime, Sharper Image is going to quietly make a killing on
desperate Bond fans in search of cool gadgets.