The Crass Craig Strikes Again.

The future looks bad for 007, as the simian like thespian sinks any hopes
of conducting himself with decorum. His latest interview with GQ ranged
from bragging to vile, no doubt dissuaded even more Bond fans. When
asked to substantiate his claim of recently driving 1 of 3 prototype cars
destroyed months ago for the movie, he ended the interview with a four
letter word.
Craig’s constant vulgar language demonstrates how wrong he is for the
As one fan said “How could they choose such a classless, cheap jerk ?”

GQ Magazine (USA); October 2006

Hollywood is betting millions that Daniel Craig will soar as the
new James Bond.

There was, flanked by Her Majesty's Royal Marines, speeding
down the Thames in a boatorcade en route to the big press
conference. Fleet Street yawned. If the photo op felt like a
bloated, stale affair, well, that's been Bond's problem lately.
Pierce Brosnan, for all his charm, was 007-as-Ken-doll. He
looked smart in bespoke Brioni, but the guy never threw a
believable punch. Then again, why resort to fists when you've invisible car!
(See Die Another Day. Or don't.)

But there's reason to be optimistic about Bond's return next
month in Casino Royale — based on the Ian Fleming novel that
started it all — and it's not just that Q sits this one out. This
Casino Royale is 007's origin story, and Craig — a man who is
proud of his "very f*cking expensive" Cuban-cigar habit
who's been linked offscreen to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller,
and who it's safe to say has been in a fight before — seems
born to play the role. And he also looks pretty good in Brioni.
"The tuxedo cost $10,000," he says. "It spoils you completely.
When you put on a suit like that, it makes you stand

In addition to seeing Bond make his first kills ("He gets his
bollocks knackered," says Craig), there's a nice homage to the
past in this film—a shot of Craig emerging from the blue
Jamaican sea like Ursula Andress in Dr. No. ("I'm on a f*cking
beach in the middle of the Bahamas walking out of the water,"
he says when asked how it felt to be objectified like all those
Bond girls of the past. "How do you think I felt? I felt f*cking
great.") There's also hand-to-hand combat rivaling Sean
Connery's train-ride fisticuffs with Robert Shaw in From
Russia with Love.

As for British-tabloid reports that Craig, who not so long ago
worked as a forklift operator, couldn't drive a stick shift,
bollocks again. He taught himself as a kid on his family's beat-
up Land Rover. And he's clearly at ease behind the wheel of
an Aston Martin DBS — an upgrade of the Bond car from On
Her Majesty's Secret Service, re-created here as a V-12
monster with twenty-inch wheels and an aluminum-and-
composite racing frame. "I got it up to about 170 the other
day," Craig says. Kilometers? "F*ck Off!"