Craig thinks Bond is a "sexist

New York, Jan 7 (ANI): He's being touted as the best
James Bond after Sean Connery, but British actor Daniel
Craig admits that he believes that his character is a
"sexist pig".

Craig told British publication The Observer that he
considers 007 to be extremely chauvinistic.

"Bond is a sexist pig, of course he is," the New York
Post quoted him, as telling the newspaper.

However, the 'Casino Royale' star revealed that having
Dame Judi Dench play his boss M in the blockbuster
movie had given it "gravity".

"But having Judi in the film, well, it doesn't forgive it,
but it gives it gravity. Because how could Judi Dench be
wrong?" Craig said.

The newest Bond on the block also revealed that he had
wanted to see Dench's character bedding a younger
man in 'Casino Royale', and had thought that someone
like Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves would be perfect for the

"I was desperate to get someone in like Brad Pitt or
Keanu Reeves to do it," the actor revealed.

Craig, who will reprise his role as the suave British
super agent in 'Bond 22', is currently filming 'His Dark
Materials: Northern Lights' in which he stars alongside
Aussie beauty Nicole Kidman, as well as his 'Casino
Royale' love interest Eva Green. (ANI)