The Mirror: 007 DAN DOLL
The ugly Bond, Daniel Craig has made a new enemy, the product tie in companies.
Revolted upon seeing his likeness in person he threw the toy to the ground
demanding the doll be changed. Guess what Craig we know how you feel and that is
how you look. The figure does need to be changed and so do you!
Sony needs to get rid of Danny now!

The Mirror
26 August 2006
BOND star Daniel Craig has complained his 007 toy doll looks too moody.

The action figure will be on sale in time for his spy debut in Casino Royale -and
Craig has a prototype on his kitchen table.

But the actor said: "He scowls a lot. He may need to soften a little bit."

Craig, 38, also hinted he will alter the video game tie-in if he doesn't like the digital
version of his face.

He said: "I have a clear input in all this as I know there are some things that are

The film - out in November - shows James Bond starting his career.