Glamour Magazine:
Polls Show Brits Not
Yet Sold on Craig as Bond

Glamour Magazine, UK

THE NAME'S CRAIG - After 18 months of searching for the right man, Bond
producers finally unveiled Daniel Craig as the new 007 at a special photo call in
London. Craig, who's enjoyed flings with Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in the past,
arrived by speedboat to face the world's press.

Would he have been your first choice?

Yes:        27%
No:        73%

IF LOOKS COULD KILL - Here it is: the first movie poster for Daniel Craig's Bond
debut, Casino Royale. Based on Ian Fleming's first Bond novel, the movie, which
hits our screens in November, charts the secret agent's ascension to "00" status
and his very first 007 mission.

Will you be watching?

Yes:        61%
No:        39%

DANIEL’S BOND GIRL - After watching her extremely buff boyfriend Daniel Craig
film a scene for the new Bond film, Casino Royale, in the Bahamas, Satsuki Mitchell
accompanied him back to the base camp.

Would you like to be Daniel's girlfriend?

Yes:        52%
No:        48%