Boycott! Craig's Bond
voxpops. "Would you employ me
again if I did Bond?"
The fair haired actor accosted people on the street to ask them about
Bond. He even sank as low as putting Steven Spielberg in an
uncomfortable position by asking the pleading question "Would you
employ me again if I did Bond?"
This question alone shows what little respect he has for the iconic role.
For Craig Bond is a burden only taken on for the money.

Daniel Craig took street voxpops before deciding on
Bond role!

Washington, Nov 2: British actor Daniel Craig might
have sounded like a lunatic, when he went around
asking strangers on the street as to what they thought
about his chances of being the next James Bond, on
being offered the role.

The star was nervous Bond fans wouldn't approve of a
blond superspy ahead of filming his 007 debut 'Casino

His fears came true when there was wide spread
criticism from Bond fans on the internet calling on to
boycott the next 007 movie.

He insists that he couldn't believe himself when he was
first offered the role of James Bond, and conducted a
voxpops on his own by asking strangers, whether they
would like to see him as the next 007.

"I asked everybody, passers-by, the lot. 'Hello mate,
can I talk to you about Bond?' I would ask, to which
they would respond, 'Get lost, lunatic,'" Contactmusic
quoted him as saying.

Craig also admits that he even asked his Munich director
Steven Spielberg's opinion, saying, "Would you employ
me again if I did Bond?"