Sony re-spins the Casino Royale

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Apparently not confident the 2hr 20 minutes of free
advertising will be seen by a large enough audience to satisfy
the flagging sales, Sony preemptively leaks a re-spun trailer

Facing more and more adversity, now more than ever Sony is
probably wishing they had a guaranteed blockbuster in the
wings.  With Bond fans up in arms threatening to boycott the
movie as well as all Sony products, this only adds to Sony’s
troubles after major setbacks with the electronics end of the
company. If Casino Royale fails to beat Die Another Day's
blockbusting record, EON and Craig may cost the Sony
executives their jobs for letting such a fiasco as Craig happen
at a time when blockbuster profits are crucial to the
companies bottom line.

Can Sony Get Its Game Back?

Battery, PS3 woes are just the start for the Japanese
electronics giant.
October 2, 2006 Red Herring

Sony just can’t catch a break lately. More and more
laptops continue to catch fire and explode due to the
company’s faulty batteries, and repeated delays of its
PlayStation 3 game console have analysts and gamers in
a furor. As a result Sony shares have fallen as much as
39 percent over the past year, leaving the Tokyo-based
electronics and entertainment behemoth fighting a
public relations war on multiple fronts.

The battery problems hit a crescendo in August after
Dell recalled 4.1 million Sony lithium batteries after they
set several laptops ablaze and made news headlines
around the world. Shortly after Dell’s recall, Apple
yanked 1.8 million Sony batteries, and Toshiba pulled
another 340,000. Even with all the recalls, Sony
batteries are still wreaking havoc. Just last week,
another Dell laptop went up in flames at a Yahoo office
in Silicon Valley.

As if negative publicity over its batteries weren’t bad
enough, Sony has an even bigger PR challenge in
launching its much-anticipated—and much delayed—PS3.