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After losing over half of the sponsors of the previous blockbusting James Bond
extravaganza. Casino Royale, starting the dour looking Craig, has become a
shaky investment. Considering more fans and movie goers are losing interest
by the day, Sony has decided to get the one advertise it can count on, Sony.
Making Casino Royale one long advertisement for blatantly placed Sony

August 29th 2006

James Bond's new gadgets in Casino Royale unveiled

By Cyrus Farivar

Over the years, gadgeteer James Bond has had everything from radioactive
lint (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) to a wristwatch with a grappling
hook inside (The World is Not Enough). Although we reported last fall that
Bond wouldn't have any delicious spy toys in the upcoming Casino Royale, it
looks like the movie won't, however, be entirely devoid of gadgets.

Here's what we've heard thus far: Bond will get a new Nokia 8800 Aston
Martin branded cellphone and his love interest, Vesper Lynd, will get a
white Sony Ericsson K618 (or possibly a Sony Ericsson M600). Furthermore,
Bond will have a very tense scene that involves an unreleased Sony Vaio,
accompanied by a Sony Memory Stick Duo (are we sensing a theme here,
Sony?). And yes, Bond gets a new ride (as always), rumored to be the new
Aston Martin DBS. After we see the movie, we'll be sure to spill a 40
martini for our man Desmond Llewelyn.