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James Bland
New Bond Daniel Craig's deadly dull debut

By Fiona Cummins

15 October 2005

DANIEL Craig made his debut as the sixth James Bond
yesterday - but showed none of 007's charm and charisma.

Unlike the debonair actors before him, he gave one-word
answers to questions, looked uncomfortable, and chewed gum
during a meeting with the world's press in London.

Asked why he should play 007, Craig, 37, from Chester, replied:
"Why not?"

"Daniel's debut was in stark contrast to Pierce Brosnan's
assured performance when he was unveiled as 007 in 1994.

Brosnan confidently outlined his vision of a modern Bond -
"flinty with a little more humour".
He added: "We want to peel back some layers of his character
and see what demons may lie there."

Sadly Daniel was a lot less forthcoming yesterday. Arriving at
the London press launch in a speedboat flanked by Royal
Marines, he admitted he was speechless.

And that's pretty much how he stayed."