Bond Kisses Truman Capote

Another shake up in the Bond fandom as Craig’s fan boys brace themselves
for Dan’s gay kiss.

Friday, September 1, 2006

James Bond Kisses Truman Capote

By Mark Paridy

Even before Daniel Craig has kissed any women as the new James Bond,
the British actor has shared a gay kiss in the film, Infamous, which
premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

007 fans can take him or leave him, but Daniel Craig won't be fenced in by
the image of James Bond. In his recent film, Infamous, Craig plays
convicted killer, Perry Smith, and has an onscreen kiss with fellow Brit,
Toby Jones, who is playing author Truman Capote. According to The Daily
Mail, the full-on kiss comes in the second half of the film, with Craig and
Jones getting intimate in a death row jail cell. When asked about his lip lock
with the soon to be James Bond, Toby Jones joked, "I never dreamt I'd kiss
James Bond! Now that I've done it, though, I hope it's the first of many."

Even though Daniel Craig's performance as Perry Smith in Infamous is of
Oscar caliber,
there are still Bond fans that plan on boycotting the
upcoming Casino Royale. A growing number of dissatisfied fans have
started web sites and petitions trying to get Daniel Craig replaced
and it still remains to be seen if this kiss will help or hurt their cause.
Entertainmentwise reports that the fans want Pierce Brosnan back
and evidence from a recent BBC poll reveals that at least 35% of 007
fans in Britain plan on honoring the boycott.

It's hard to say if this will hurt Daniel Craig's image as James Bond. One
thing is for certain: the fans that don't want him portraying the famed
Secret Agent will definitely use this as ammo. It could also go the other way
and generate more fans of Daniel Craig who wouldn't normally go see a
James Bond flick. We will just have to wait and see in November how well
Casino Royale is received.

Daniel Craig is a British born actor, who American audiences first got a
glimpse of in "Tomb Raider". He has gone on to appear in such films as,
"Road to Perdition", "Layer Cake", and "Munich". His biggest and most
recognizable role will be as James Bond, when he takes to the big screen
this November in Casino Royale. Craig also recently landed a role in the
first film of the upcoming His Dark Materials trilogy, The Golden Compass.