Bond producer threatens to blow
hole in Pinewood news
The Bond producers have the unmitigated gall to try to blackmail the
British people on the same day the Queen graced their publicity/charity
event with her presence. We believe this attempt to extort may prove to
be fruitless after the Queen viewed Casino Royale, their Bourne Identity
Bond may be shipped abroad
7.13, Tue Nov 14 2006

James Bond, one of Britain's greatest exports may be forced
to move to foreign shores because the costs of producing
the movies have become too expensive.

Casino Royale producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara
Broccoli said there was no guarantee that the next movie
would be shot in Britain.

England has been Bond's home since the first 007 movie Dr
No was shot at Pinewood Studios in 1962.

Of the 21 Bond films, 19, including Daniel Craig's Casino
Royale, have been made at Pinewood Studios and many are
shot in locations in Britain as well as around the world.

The Bond franchise is seen as a flagship in the local film

But Wilson warned: "London is the most expensive city in
the world right now. To bring talent here and put them up
here for long periods of time and the cost of doing business
here is a factor."

He added: "Whether the new tax incentives will balance
that out or not is something we still have to calculate."

However the UK Film Council insisted that "the UK is one of
the best places in the world to make a film".