Cleveland Plains Dealer:
New Actor Will Lower
Bond Rating
"Bland, James Bland. From the pictures I've seen and the
interviews I've read, that's the new James Bond. Daniel Craig
last seen around these parts - barely - at the Ceder Lee (the
Ceder Lee theater only shows small films that aren't shown
anywhere else in the Cleveland area) as star of a gangster flick
called 'Layer Cake,' will take over for Pierce Brosnan.
Producers said Brosnan, who just oozes suave, was too old at
52, so they revoked his license to kill. Craig is 37 and looks like
he should have a DDS license to drill. Craig who will star in a
remake of 'Casino Royale,' was introduced to the media on the
banks of Thames River, delivered there by British Royal
Marines speedboat. Let me ask you this: Can you imagine Sean
Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton or Brosnan showing up
in life jacket, as Craig did? I miss Austin Powers already."