Daniel Craig's Dirty Tirade

Daniel Craig's Dirty Tirade

Wednesday March 29 2006

London: New James Bond actor Daniel Craig has been publicly speaking about his
new found celebrity status, but peppered with bad words.

According to, Craig says he is not too concerned about the attention
he has been getting and feels he has fulfilled two of his ambitions. He says: "I want
to make big movies and make as much money as I possibly f*cking can."

He is also aware of the burden put on his shoulders and has received lots of
criticism after replacing ex-Bond hero Pierce Brosnan. He says: "I don't really want
to get the rap for destroying that franchise. I mean that's not a good place to be."

Craig is not too keen on becoming a celebrity and says: "That sucks. It is just
madness. I am not into self-promotion - my front room is nobody's f*cking business."