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Royale: -There’s been various
reviews already, though most are

Gossip Monkey - 6/11/06

Posted by Clint Morris November 6, 2006  

Gossip  Monkey

This one time, at Bond Camp. I’m actually awaiting my
invitation to the premiere on November 14th (the same date
Clint gets to see the movie in Australia!). It’s being shown in
every cinema apparently, in Leicester Square, with the ‘stars’
and guests being ushered into select picture houses. There’s
been various reviews already, though most are bias. They
either know Daniel Craig or have some link to the movie in
some way. A pal of mine who has seen it though says that
Mads Mikkelsen who plays the terrorist banker Le Chiffre in
the movie is pretty weak as far as villains go and if they
wanted to crank up Bond in a ‘Bourne’ way, then they haven’t
succeeded. I don’t think you could ever do that with Bond. Q
and Pierce had the idea to do Casino Royale and I imagine
they, together, could be the only ones to make it trendier and
‘bloody up’ Bond.