on Craig:
'He's obviously not the
best-looking actor in the world'

By Larry Carroll

"Connery, Moore, Lazenby, Dalton, Brosnan...and Craig? The
newest James Bond has been announced in a high-profile
public ceremony, ending three years of intense speculation
and leaving fans all over the world shaken — and more than a
bit stirred.

After emerging into the world's spotlight riding shotgun on a
British military boat along the Thames River (and wearing a
very un-Bond-like life jacket), Craig flashed a brooding grin for
an army of photographers Friday (October 14)."

"Immediately following the official announcement that Craig
would be earning his license to kill in the 21st Bond film,
"Casino Royale," longtime devotees of the franchise buzzed
with an equal mixture of anticipation and frustration.

He isn't the sort of person that I see as being the Bond that the
general public has become used to," offered Graham Rye,
editor/designer/publisher and founder of the 25-year-old
publication 007 Magazine. "[Bond is] a wise-cracking guy who
can kill any number of bad guys and bed any number of
luscious ladies, but has always got a quip on the end of it. He's
not the type to be very serious."

'He's obviously not the best-looking actor in the world,"
Richard Schenkman, an independent filmmaker who founded
the world's first James Bond fan club in the 1970s and
published the 007 magazine Bondage for two decades, said of
Craig. Like Rye, Schenkman feels that the new actor's
appointment is worrisome since he comes from so far outside
the Bond mold;'