Craig's Fanboys Wet Their
Pants Over New Bond Poster
At News

Craig's Fanboys Wet Pants Over New Bond Poster At

April 30, 2006

Although it is well known that is unabashedly pro-Craig in its
position on the new Bond actor and film, Casino Royale, their blind enthusiasm
reached and all-time low yesterday.

The site recently revealed the what is purported to be the first official poster of
Casino Royale from EON Productions and Sony Pictures. The poster, seen above,
depicts Craig as Bond in tuxedo at the card table. Craig's face however, has been
decidedly hidden by shadows, and his crags and wrinkles have been conveniently
airbrushed away. Our conclusions are that this piece is similar in intent to the
Lazenby Bond poster released prior to the premiere of his single Bond film, 'On Her
Majesty's Secret Service', which literally hid poor George's face behind a large
question mark.

In spite of EON's obvious attempts to hide the less than handsome countenance of
their new Bond, the boys at could not help but embarrass
themselves by describing the poster as "pant-wettingly superb".

Somebody needs to buy these boys a subscription to Playboy!