Cinematical: Not Shaken or
Stirred -- In a Green Bottle

To spit press reports to the contrary, Ian Fleming’s James Bond does
drink a beer in the classic novel Casino Royale.
Apparently EON has no problem misleading the press and public in an
obvious attempt to avoid the ensuing criticism.
Not Shaken or Stirred -- In a Green Bottle

by Christopher Campbell
Sep 20th 2006 11:02AM

I might have gone with Red Stripe, myself, or maybe even an
English brewery, but Heineken, which is based in Amsterdam,
is the chosen beer sponsor for the new Bond pic, Casino
Royale. Wait, let's back track a second. You're probably
wondering why there would even be a beer sponsor when
James Bond famously drinks martinis, shaken not stirred.
Well, in Ian Fleming's original novel, he drinks beer. Yes, he
also drinks martinis, but in the novel he orders one by saying,
"A dry martini. One. In a deep champagne goblet." He goes on
to tell the bartender how to make it, including the shaking
part, but otherwise the catch phrase didn't arrive until the
later novel Diamonds are Forever.

Anyway, back to the subject of beer, which is definitely a
subject I prefer. Aside from Heineken merely having a
promotional partnership with the film (I have no idea if this
means Bond drinks Heinies on screen), the brewery has been
given access to the Casino Royale set, where Oscar-winner
Stephen Gaghan has directed a beer commercial starring
Bond-girl Eva Green.

Unfortunately, Heineken will not be remaking James Bond's
007 Special Blend (oh JoBlo, you had me so confused!), which
was a mix of beer and malt liquor put out by The National
Brewing Company between 1965 and 1966 without any
licensing authorization.