'Casino Royale'
Set Goes Up In Flames

31 July 2006

'Casino Royale' Set Goes Up In Flames
Until now, upcoming Bond installment Casino Royale's
greatest obstacle--aside from a script by Paul Haggis--was
the new Bond himself, Daniel Craig, who seemed doomed
from the start to weather the
emasculating taunts of the
British tabloid press. But now the production has come
against a foe far greater than a Bond with uncharacteristically
fair coloring and an inability to drive stick: A freak chain
reaction has resulted in the studio containing all the Bond
sets to burn to the ground.

“A chain of explosions ripped through Pinewood Studios, in
Bucks, after a welder's stray spark accidently set fire to
plastic sheeting and ignited a cluster of gas canisters.
The blaze -- visible from ten miles away -- sent the roof
caving in on Europe's biggest movie set, destroying a replica
of the Italian city of Venice built as a backdrop for actor
Daniel Craig.

It is the SECOND fire to burn an 007 set to the ground. But an
insider said last night: ‘We came back before and we'll do it
again. We're shaken, certainly, but not stirred.’”

While the damage won't affect the wrapped Royale, the next,
already-greenlit installment will face considerable delays,
unless of course producers use the misfortune to their
advantage, and pit the spy against a cunning supervillain who
will stop at nothing until he sets back the British motion
picture industry several months at least