Eva's Bond girl hate.

Eva's Bond girl hate
Nov 20, 2006,

Eva Green hates being labelled a Bond girl.

The French actress - who plays villainous double agent
Vesper Lynd opposite Daniel Craig in new 007 adventure
'Casino Royale' - insists she is thrilled to be in the film
but does not want to be typecast as the typical female
Bond character.

She said: "A typical Bond girl is someone that is iconic,
very unreal and very sexy. I'm not that. I hate that
phrase 'Bond girl'."

Green recently confessed she felt "sick" after finding out
she had been cast in 'Casino Royale'.

The actress admits she was overwhelmed by the news
she had got the part.

She said at the time: "I was sick, I remember. It was
very stressful and I knew the producers were stressed
because they needed to find someone very quickly."