The Daily Record:
CnB's Putin-Craig

The Daily Record

6 June 2006

By Pat Roller

IF you thought Star Trek fanatics were the most obsessive bunch in the known
universe, think again. Followers of the James Bond franchise take that particular

A whole mob of them are so unhappy about the choice of Daniel Craig as the
successor to Pierce Brosnan, they have set up a website,

They bombard this column - and if there's any justice in the world, rival newspapers
too - with emails about their hobbyhorse, and have come up with a set of alleged
lookalikes for the unfortunate Daniel.

Most of them we thought were a tad harsh - we're no t really seeing the basking
shark or the head orangutan in Planet of the Apes - but we thought their Vladimir
Putin effort wasn't bad.

The thought of him donning the trademark tuxedo almost makes us want to break
out in song. All together now: I'm Putin on my top hat, Putin on my white tie, Putin
on my tails...