Casino Royale
Marketing: Are
Eon and Sony
Keeping Craig in
the Dark? News

July 7, 2006

Shades of George Lazenby!

The latest marketing image, a billboard (above) was seen at Cannes and then
recently at the Cine Expo in Amsterdam. Clearly they are trying to hide the actor's
face. The question of course is why?

Die-hard Bond fans will recall the infamous poster (below left) produced by Eon
Productions to hide the fact that unknown George Lazenby had replaced superstar
Sean Connery as Bond in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

We already suspected the same was being done with Craig when we saw the
deliberately shadowed image of the actor on the first Casino Royale poster (above
right) and then on the official website. The new image confirms this suspicion, and
is even more evocative of the old poster from Lazenby's turn as Bond.

Perhaps now that they have heard the anger of Bond fans around the world about
replacing the popular and handsome Pierce Brosnan with the gruff and...we'll be
kind...average-looking unknown Daniel Craig, Eon and Sony have decided to play it
fast and loose as to letting general movie audiences who is now playing 007!

The reality may be that Craig is tracking very badly with likely audiences, and this
may a desperate attempt to market the movie more on the Bond name than on its