New Straits Times:
Daniel Craig Is
'Unappealing' As Bond

New Straits Times

Hollywood unleashed

27 Apr 2006


The beginning of May marks an important time of year for movie fans as Hollywood
starts unleashing its blockbusters on the global audience. This festivity will continue
till yearend. FRANCIS DASS predicts what will be hot and what will not.

FOR movie fans, the best thing about this time of year is always the anticipation of
things to come on the big screen, thanks largely to the approach of the American
summer season.

The fact that the merest mention of actors’ names, a hint of who’s directing the
project and, of course, the movie’s subject itself combine to create quite a heady
buzz of movie magic and anticipation for movie addicts goes without saying.

Here’s our take on some of the upcoming movies, till year-end, that will surely have
everyone gasping in excitement. (Tentative release months are in brackets.)

Casino Royale (November)

Is it just us or is Daniel Craig unappealing in the looks department as Bond in agent
double-O seven’s latest outing in Casino Royale? On a more serious note, Casino
Royale is directed by New Zealander Martin Campbell — who earlier gave us Vertical
Limit in 2000 and first introduced Pierce Brosnan to the world as James Bond when
Campbell directed Golden Eye in 1995. Hope remains.