Canmag: Heineken
Promotion in Casino

In the ultimate tacky sellout EON sold Bond to Heineken for a measly 6
To spite press reports to the contrary, Ian Fleming’s James Bond
does not
drink a beer in the classic novel Casino Royale.
Apparently EON has no problem misleading the press and public in an obvious
attempt to avoid the ensuing criticism.
Bond’s first literary brew was not  until  ‘Diamonds are Forever’, a Black
Velvet which consists of equal amounts of Guinness Stout and champagne,
although some recipes call for three to four parts of champagne to one part
Interestingly Heineken has a long-standing relationship with the Bond
franchise, but never before has Bond had to drink one on screen. Is this a
further sign of EON’s desperation?

Sep 20th 2006

Columbia Pictures has been on their toes thanks to all the Bond
haters for the upcoming installment Casino Royale. Bond with
blonde hair? No good. Bond with watery blue eyes? No good.
Daniel Craig? For some unapparent reason, no good.

Well, this latest development should have Bond haters in the

Heineken Promotion in Casino Royale

Though Bond fans have come to know James Bond as a fan of a
good martini -- shaken, not stirred -- it looks like Columbia
Pictures is ready to switch things up a bit by throwing beer into
the mix.

Just remember the golden rule: beer before liquor and you've
never been sicker.

According to THR, Bond is a beer man in Casino Royale.
Amsterdam-based brewing company Heineken is forging ahead
with a ground-breaking six-figure promotional partnership with
Eon Prods. and Sony Pictures Entertainment to get Bond drinking
out of the green bottle.

It turns out that this move would be accurate to Ian Fleming's
Bond. Casino Royale, one of the original works from Fleming, is
also one of the few 007 installments that has the spy drink a

Heineken International's promotional campaign for the 21st Bond
picture will include a television commercial featuring Bond girl Eva
Green that was directed by Oscar-winner Stephen Gaghan. The ad
was shot on the movie's Czech Republic set earlier this year. It
marks the first time a commercial product has been allowed
access to the actual Bond set to shoot an ad, Heineken said.