Bond Fans Flip Over
Dreadful Photos of Craig
as 007 in Empire Magazine

July 27, 2006

In one of the most graceless photos ever of an actor photographed in character as
007, Daniel Craig's craggy, lemon-sucking countenance is splattered across the
latest issue of the UK's Empire Magazine, looking more like a cast member of "The
Godfather" than Britain's greatest secret agent. The only thing missing is a scar on
his cheek and a toothpick, and Craig could double for Luccabrazzi's skinny
younger brother.

Oh what low days these are for James Bond.

Even worse, the inside spread shows an 'action' shot of Craig splayed upon his
chest, apparently hitting the dirt. The face he's making is more akin to the pain of a
dental patient enduring root canal than a hero under fire. So much for great acting.

The worst part about this story is the reaction of Bond fans.

The fans who have watched the travesty of Craig becoming Bond with open eyes
are gasping in horror while at the same time, the collection of Fleming fanboys on
the various Bond sites are tickled with delight about how gritty and tough he looks.
Perhaps they're fantasizing about a date with, who knows?

Bond fans:

“Another nail in the coffin!  He looks absolutely shocking in that picture.  I can't see
what you pro-Craigers see in him!  You are allowed to admit you were wrong.  
Render's picture from the inside of the magazine only confirms my belief that Craig
would have made a great villian/henchman.”

“It seems to me that Craig's rather tough, craggy features are a positive thing for
many people. They seem to embody a character trait of the Bond in Fleming's
novels.  I'm a bit put off by that. That's not Bond for me. I'm not sure I would like Pee
Wee Herman or Orlando Bloom as Bond, but someone a little less extreme looking
than Craig would be fine for me!  Maybe I'm talking rubbish, but there are lots of
Empire covers that are dodgy: maybe this is one of those.”

“Craig is a cross between Cheshire cat and a blond monkey.”

“i have been buying empire for 14 years and its a terrific mag except for the fact that
they sometimes give great reviews to overwhelmingly **** movies like pearl harbour
and alexander.i dont think i need to let you all know what i think of danny boy on
that cover!”

“God!, on that cover, he looks like the love-child, of a chimp, and a walnut!

Fleming Fanboys:

“Sorry, but I think this picture shows that he will be superb. I am tempted to say, he
will blow the audience away”

“I think the picture is fine, really cool.”

“Despite some of the posts I've seen, I think Craig looks great in that picture.  That's
exactly what we need. Him to look rugged, tough, rough around the edges. Not
some photoshopped, airbrushed, pretty boy, Orlando Bloom crap.  James Bond is
back in action - again. Can't wait to get my hands on that magazine.”

“ohmygawd that guy is SO James Bond......cue the music!!!!!”

“Erm, I like that picture! ?

What is wrong with it?”