Craig admits to not having the
looks to thrill!

Craig admits to not having the looks to thrill!

Washington, Sept 30: Actor Daniel Craig who has replaced
Pierce Brosnan as the new James Bond in the upcoming movie
'Casino Royale', has admitted that he is not one of the best
looking 007s.

The British-born actor in an interview with Parade magazine
also talked about the pressures involved in taking on the role
of the world's most famous spy.

"Maybe I'm not the prettiest Bond ever. Maybe I'm not the
suavest. All I can say is that there are millions of fans and I
don't want to let them down. I worked my butt off for this
movie. I'm not going to foul it up," Parade magazine quoted
him as saying.

Craig is the first blonde Bond and has admitted to being
scared of boats, hating guns, sex scenes and martinis and
losing two teeth in his first fight scene.

He is the sixth actor to take on the role, following Sir Sean
Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and

The new film 'Casino Royale' will not be realised until
November, but has already come under heavy criticism from