"Is New Bond a Sissy?"

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Is New Bond a Sissy?

Daniel Craig is concerning James Bond fans with his revelations about his nervous
disposition. The latest is that he is terrified of heights - hardly what you expect from
a super-suave spy. The 38-year-old actor - who plays 007 for the first time in this
year’s ‘Casino Royale’ - confessed his fear when he had to shoot a scene on top of
a 200ft crane. He revealed: “It was borderline fun and fear. But there was no time for
my fear of heights. You just have to rush up and do it.”

The British actor also revealed how shooting a fight scene on a high flight of stairs
had previously triggered his phobia. He was quoted in Britain’s Daily Star
newspaper as saying: “That sequence was particularly difficult. But I have definitely
put some demons to bed.” A fear of heights is the latest in a string of problems
Craig has experienced while shooting the new Bond movie.

He previously admitted he hates guns and drinking martinis, gets seasick and
suffers from prickly heat. He also annoyed the 007 producers by complaining the
expensive Aston Martin he drove in the film was not an automatic.