Now that Bond’s lost his edge though,
do we really care?

September 26th

James Bond switches to beer, gets belly

Daniel Craig got so fat indulging in the local Czech cuisine while
filming “Casino Royale” in Prague that producers hired him a
trainer to get him back in Bond-shape for the role.

Craig lost two of his teeth while filming, got prickly heat, admitted
he didn’t like guns or speedboats, and had to be schooled on how
to play poker because he looked like an idiot in his card-playing

Movie marketers further messed with Bond’s image by cutting a
deal with Ford to feature a Ford Mondeo in the film. They were
also forced to make Bond’s trademark Aston Martin an automatic
when it came out that Craig couldn’t drive a stick.
Now they’re making Bond’s transformation complete by reaching
an endorsement deal with Heineken. Bond’s low-carb vodka
martinis are going to be supplemented with the everyman’s drink,

“ The suave hero - played by Daniel Craig, 38, in the next spy
thriller Casino Royale - usually sips a vodka martini.

But Dan could well be knocking back the lagers after producers
signed a deal with Heineken.

The Dutch brew will feature heavily in the actor’s Bond debut in
return for global coverage of the movie in Heineken advertising.

But it may not be enough for new star Craig to win the title of best-
ever Bond. A poll by sci-fi mag SFX found Sir Sean Connery, 75, is
still the top 007 with fans.

Pierce Brosnan, 53, is second, followed by Roger Moore, 78.”

Bond has gone to hell already, so it really doesn’t matter if he
starts swilling beer while he’s driving an American car. He could
still get naked, which might prove to be the saving grace for this
franchise. Now that he’s lost his edge though, do we really care?