Boycott! I Spy A
Really Bad Ending.
11 November 2006
John Mckie
SAW the new James Bond the other night.

Although I hoped they would choose a Scot for the role,
if you like your Bond as an arrogant cold fish, Daniel
Craig will suit you fine.

Plenty of the film is stylish - Craig is intense, the credits
are suitably flash, as are the baddies who dress like
Franz Ferdinand, and their heavies who look like
Thomas Gravesen. The car chases also pass the Aston
Martin test.

The main eye candy is Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. As
Bond girls often do, she nearly gets our hero killed.
This, I suppose, makes her a Careless Vesper.

But the film is 30 minutes too long, and co-written by
the guy who made Oscar winner Crash, for which he
didn't bother to write a proper ending. Same here