New UK Poll Says
65% Think Craig Will
Be "Crap" As Bond!
(We Didn't Make That Up!)

Daniel Craig To Be The Best Bond Yet?

He is spurred on by criticism...

By: Lowri Williams on 7/31/2006

The new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig has revealed how stunned he was by the
backlash of his casting as the secret agent.

After Pierce Brosnan was replaced by the much younger and much blonder Craig,
Bond fans launched campaigns to have Craig sacked and are threatening to
boycott the new film ‘Casino Royale’ when it is released.

However, Craig only became more determined to do a good job and said all the
criticism spurred him on.

According to BreakingNews he said: "I didn't expect this backlash. You take it in,
you can't help it. I've been trying to give 110% since the beginning but after all the
fuss, maybe I started giving 115%."

What a guy…

Will Daniel Craig be a good Bond?

Yes, totally:--------35%
No, he's crap-------65%