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Casino Royale Trailer:
Bond casting
doesn’t make a lot of sense."

May 2, 2006

A much older actor is cast to play a much younger Bond. Does that make any
sense? Look forward to seeing craggy-faced Daniel Craig in heavy, heavy makeup if
Casino Royale screenwriter is serious about his Bond being a younger, 28-year-old
version of the character. Thing of this as "James Bond Year One" or "James Bond
Begins", minus the scientologist, not-gay actor's girlfriend. Bond can do better than
Katie Holmes.

This is the first Bond film actually based on one of Ian Flemings books since 1987.
21st in the series, it also marks the return of director Martin Campbell, the guy who
first repopularized the whole franchise in the first place with the excellent Bond
movie Goldeneye. It's been downhill from there ever since.

Sure, some of the other 007 movies have been fun (I had a really good time with Die
Another Day) and sure, Pierce Brosnan has been spectacular (for my money even
better than Connery), but the scripts haven't been up to snuff with some of James
better stuff. With a screenwriter of Paul Haggis caliber doctoring the script and a
proven 007 director, maybe Casino Royale stands a chance, even if their blonde
Bond casting doesn’t make a lot of sense.