Daniel Craig trashes the Casino
Royale novel. NEWS

Daniel Craig once again shows his unmasked contempt for the rich
legacy of James Bond. Insulting all Ian Fleming fans, the thespian of
questionable looks and pedigree has admitted to his dislike of Ian
Fleming’s literary creation.
Adding insult to injury Craig dismissed the film series as “sh**”.
Clearly Craig has little regard for Ian Fleming, his creation and the
movies that were inspired by his sublime novels. Apparently Craig
was embarrassed at the very thought of being seen reading an Ian
Fleming book in public. If he is so quick to dismiss the movies and
books, what could he possibly think of Bond fans?

007 star 'binned James Bond novel'

Wednesday November 8

New James Bond Daniel Craig threw the Casino Royale
novel in the dustbin straight after reading it - dismissing
it as "all right".

Before he was signed up for the role of 007, the star
even ripped the front cover off the book because he did
not want to be seen with it.

Craig, 38, has received rave reviews for his debut as the
famous spy in the movie adaptation of Ian Fleming's
first James Bond book.

But he told Virgin Radio about the audition: "Believe me,
this was off my radar.

"I hadn't many ambitions to do this but Barbara
(Broccoli) gave me a call and said 'Please come and say
hello' and I thought this was a bit of a giggle.
"I got a copy of the book and I was reading it but I'd
ripped the front cover off it because going on the Tube
reading it was a bit kind of...

"I got off the Tube at Piccadilly, finished the last page
and threw it in the bin and went 'Well, that was all
right', walked into the offices and sat down with them.

"They said they wanted to go ahead with this and I just
wish I kept that book."

Craig, whose love interest in the film is French beauty
Eva Green, 26, added of Dame Judi Dench, 71, who
reprises her role as Bond's boss M: "It was a lifelong
ambition (to work with her) and she has the naughtiest
eyes in showbusiness.

"She looks you straight in the eye and she is stunning."

Of the Bond script, he said he was bowled over despite

"I really wanted to hate it. I really, really wanted to
hate it and then think... how could I possibly get
involved with such s***?"

"Casino Royale" has its world premiere next week.