Brosnan Speaks
Out Over Bond Snub

Brosnan Speaks Out Over Bond Snub

Former 007 star Pierce Brosnan has launched another angry tirade at James Bond
bosses, slamming them as "a**es". The Irishman, who played the suave superspy in
four films, reveals he was shocked to be told last year that he had been axed from
the franchise for a younger actor. However, Brosnan insists he would be less bitter if
bosses had been more courteous with his dismissal. He tells the German edition of
men's magazine Playboy, "It was a shock to hear that you've passed your date of
expiry. It's frustrating that these a**es pulled the rug out from under me. "They
always said, 'Come on, we're all one big family.' This 'We're one family' rubbish! You
can't do it like that after ten years and four movies!"