Casino Royale Heineken Commercial
The new Heineken commercial features a confusing series of events where
Eva Green for no apparent reason attacks a server on his way to deliver
room service, and then takes the bottle of Heineken. With the Bond theme
being played throughout the entire commercial the most confusing event is
at the end where the voice of Bond is featured. The voice used is distinctly
not that of the craggy usurper. Neither is there any attempt made to
imitate Craig’s monotone lifeless voice.   Instead a more traditional
dignified and cultured voice is featured as Bond.   

Makes you wonder if Daniel Craig can not convince Heineken he is Bond,
will he be able to fool the movie going public?

Scroll down to see the commercial.

It should be noted that Ian Fleming’s James Bond does not  drink beer in
the classic novel Casino Royale.
October 17, 2006

Back in September we were told that Casino Royale was one of the
few Ian Fleming novels that has 007 drinking beer. Thanks to
Bond's early preference of drink, Heineken was able to join up
with Columbia Pictures for a campaign of commercials.

Casino Royale Heineken Commercial

For those of you who wondered how Heineken was going to pull
off a beer commercial featuring Casino Royale, wonder no more.
The first commercial in the new campaign has recently appeared
online and I doubt anybody will be able to figure out what the hell
it is trying to say.

A server is delivering a Heineken in an elevator next to Eva Green.
Green immediately bounces out of the elevator and races him
upstairs. She proceeds to knock the server out, or so we think
since the screen goes dark, and enters whatever room the server
was outside of with a Heineken in hand.

To make things even more chintz, the voice of Bond isn't even
Daniel Craig.