Cinema Strikes Back:
Craig's Posing Makes
Casino Royale Look Like
Parody of Calvin Klein Ad

New Bond US Teaser Trailer

The new trailer for James Bond Reloaded aka “Casino Royale” is now out in US
form. It shows a lot more than the usal teaser trailer with tons of action, romance
and set pieces revealed. It’s obvious from this trailer the filmmakers are going for an
even more hyper cool aesthetic with more gritty violence. The results are mixed at
best. The mayhem looks to be of the cgi variety and larger set pieces. Most of the
posing and posturing feels like a SNL parody of a Calvin Klein commercial causing
for far more snickering than oooh-ing. The scene of Craig appearing to do a salsa
dance and back handing two guards is especially hilarious. Overall this is still a
teaser trailer and we can only hope the final movie turns out much better than this
seemingly parody of recent action cinema excess.