Let's All Go to the Movies
November 17, 2006

Let's All Go to the Movies

So what movies are opening this weekend, the last
weekend before the holidays start up?

The big one seems to be the new Bond flick, Casino
Royale. It's getting good reviews and getting a lot of
attention because of it's desire to "restart" the Bond
franchise by changing the tone and introducing the
"origin myth" as it were in telling how Bond became the
Bond, James Bond we all know and love. Frankly, from
what we're hearing, the new Bond is all broody and
angsty and apparently gets roughed up. Even worse,
there's only one femme fatale. In all seriousness, we
don't want our Bonds angsty and broody and dark. We
want our Bonds making bad jokes and sleeping with
tons of hot women and having no problem with
violence. What made Sean Connery so badass was
because he was the only Bond really to actually look like
he was enjoying himself. And if you were James Bond,
how could you not be enjoying yourself?

Our theory has always been that Bond needs to
acknowledge its origins as a 50's and 60's, Cold War
icon and just make all the new flicks back in those days.
The spy myth worked much better if it's set back then
(especially the idea of anyone caring about the British
Secret Service) and because it's much easier to do
un-PC Bond. Is there really any other way to do Bond?

We think not.