Sean Connery is back as
James Bond

Ach Nein! Bond spies for the Germans
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sean Connery is back as James Bond - but you might
need a German dictionary to understand him.

The good news for the latest 007, Daniel Craig, is that
he doesn't need to be concerned as Connery is just
starring in a new car commercial.

The advert shows the 76-year-old driving not in Bond's
iconic Aston Martin but in a more mundane Citroen C6.

In the 30-second commercial, Connery begins behind
the wheel of the new executive saloon, as he is today
driving the black car round hairpin bends of a winding

As the drive continues the ad features him slowly
getting younger and as he arrives at his hotel and steps
out of the car he has become the classic version from
the early Bond films thanks to computer generated

A bellboy says to him: 'Mr Connery, you've changed' to
which he replies: 'It's the car.'

The advert is being shown in France, Germany and
Sweden, but although the car will be available here,
Britain is not considered a major market for the model
which is why the advert will not be seen here, say

A spokesman said today: 'This is not a UK ad, so will not
be shown here.'

But the ad is so popular versions in different languages
have already been posted on video sharing site YouTube
and they have been pinged into the inboxes of
thousands of Bond fans around the world.

Cynics say Citroen's timing of the ad is a deliberate
attempt to cash in on next month's release of Casino

It is not the first time old movie images have
reappeared in car adverts. Steve McQueen was featured
in a Ford Puma advert in 1997, despite the fact the actor
had died in 1980.