Is Jinx Back On
With Halle Berry?
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Gossip Monkey - 19/5/06

Posted by Clint Morris on May 19, 2006

Is Jinx back-on?

So, this one time at Bond Camp…I hear now, via some glass-to-the-door’ers at Sony,
that Halle Berry may be back in talks to do “Jinx”, her proposed “Die Another Day”
spin-off, that we all assumed was as dead as a worm near a welcome mat. Ironic. It
was initially foiled by other female spy projects in the works, like the female XXX,
‘Daisy Scarlett’, ‘Aeon Flux’ and a Catherine Zeta spy flick (that isn’t happening).
“Jinx” will be exactly as its name suggests. You’re launching a new Bond and a new
take (apparently), leaving behind a great Bond who had more in him, yet you’re
wanting to go back to that great Bond’s last not-so-good outing and take a not so
good character and put her in her own series of films? What in “Catwoman 2” are
you thinking! You’re a good, Oscar winning actress!