Boycott Casino Roayle!
Dear friends, thank you for believing in us and our mutual goal, thanks for
your encouraging words of support!


I've seen trailer and pictures from new Bond movie. I can say, Craig
has killed spirit of James Bond.
I will not pay for this movie in cinema or on DVD.


Peter P.
Praha, Czech


I think Daniel Craig is plain looking at best and can't act.  He has destroyed the idea of "James Bond"
for me and I will never see another Bond film as long as he is in it.


I have been a faithful follower of James Bond from the days of Sean Connery, having seen reissues
of his films in the cinema right through to Pierce Brosnan and have every film on video or DVD.
I was shocked that you could even contemplate casting a scruffy looking tramp with no acting talent
and all the style of used toilet paper as Bond simply because he was cheap.

I've seen the previews which are absolutely pitiful.

I won't be going to  see Danny the Dog's travesty and I most certainly won't be paying to buy a DVD
with this scruffy ugly old thug who can't act for toffee.

He's cheap - and so are you lot!

Please resign immediately and let competent people take over your jobs.

Christina de K.


I can't seem to remember his name, and please don't help me!
Better at sex than any other Bond, now all he needs is a partner.
The thing that terrifies me the most is that someone might hate me as
much as I loathe Daniel Craig.
Daniel Craig grows on people - like a wart!
Daniel Craig's the best at all he does - and all he do is make people
hate him.
Daniel Craig will never be able to live down to his reputation!
Daniel Craig's so ugly he had tinted windows on his incubator.
Daniel Craig's conversation is like the waves of the sea. It makes me
Daniel Craig started at the bottom - and it's been downhill ever since.
Daniel Craig should do some soul-searching. Maybe he'll find one.
People can't say that Daniel Craig has absolutely nothing! After all,
he has inferiority!
What Daniel Craig lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up for in
When Daniel Craig was born, God admitted that even He could make a
Daniel Craig is down to earth but not quite far down enough.
Hello - short, blonde and obnoxious!
Daniel Craig is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.
Calling Daniel Craig stupid would be an insult to stupid people.
I'd like to help Daniel Craig out. Which way did he come in?
Daniel Craig used to be arrogant and obnoxious. Now he is just the
opposite. He is obnoxious and arrogant.
Worst-dressed sentient being in the known universe.
It is such a shame to ruin such beautiful blonde hair by dying his
roots black.
In the land of the witless, the half-wit is king.
Daniel Craig is so short his hair smells like feet.
Daniel Craig's got that far away look. The farther he gets, the
better he looks.
Don't you need a license to be that ugly?
I wouldn't piss in Daniel Craig's ear if his brain was on fire!
Daniel Craig's so short he can sit on a piece of toilet paper and
dangle his feet.
Daniel Craig should act his age - senile!
I'm going to memorize his name and throw my head away.
Daniel Craig should be the poster child for birth control.
Daniel Craig is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.
Daniel Craig has an inferiority complex - and it's fully justified.
Daniel Craig's got his head so far up his ass he can chew his food
Don't mind Daniel Craig. He has a soft heart and a head to match.

From a loyal bond fan

The popularity of James Bond as a character is not only because of
Bond himself but also his countless fans across the globe who have
continued to patronize it. Many like me have grown on a staple
diet of Bond movies. Hence, it is natural as a Bond fan to expect
some accountability from the producers. If viewers at large are
not appreciating the character, you should have conducted a poll
to assess his popularity. If you have gone ahead without
responding to viewer issues, it shows the kind of contempt that
you have for viewer desires.

I would want to give Daniel Craig a fair chance but if you have
not even bothered to respond to fan queries, I just do not feel
like giving him a fair chance.

I have also heard about press reports from producers saying that
those who want to watch it will watch it. This statement smacks of
indifference of the highest order.

Please do not allow the interest of viewers to wane.

Loyal Bond Fan from India


I would like to thank you for putting up your "Pierce Is Bond" website. I'm 18, and I grew up watching
Pierce as Bond. Now I'm official a former Bond fan since Craig was annonced as Bond back in
October, 2005. I hope EON and those Pro-Craigs would lose the war not to mention Craig leave with
1 movie. If EON loses, they would have two choices: reinstate Pierce and his Bond legacy or stop
making Bond movies. For me, I would love to see Pierce again, but I thought it be better that the Bond
series should end temporary. Craig may seem to be good actor, but no matter how good he does
playing Bond or how good Casino Royale would be, I WILL NEVER see Casino Royale in theaters or
on DVD. My reason goes beyond the selection of Craig or anyone else who would be Bond if not
Craig. The point is that EON don't give Pierce right stuff. GoldenEye is all Pierce got even though I
like his later Bonds a lot better.  In my point of view, that b*tch Barbara Broccoli has forgetten the
meaning of a classic needs a classic, and that is Pierce. Some people out there are saying that
Daniel Craig would be a classic. Well, he's no classic nor he is better than Pierce. That Broccoli is just
making Craig better and classier than Pierce because of how good Casino Royale would be.  Again, I
WILL NEVER see that movie no matter good it is or how well Craig does the part.  I hope EON lose
the game or even go bankrupt and lose all of their money. If they win, I just hope that all us Anti-Craig
would think of something to take them down and end their regime. The Pro-Craig is to The Empire
(aka The Communist Party) as Pierce Brosnan's supporter is to The Rebellion(aka The Democracy).
If anything, I would be happy to help.

Another thing I want to add that Casino Royale doesn't deserve an Oscar not even one for all the
things EON has done to Pierce: firing him, not giving him a good Bond script, etc.



Hello, how are you?

I just thought that I would let you know that a moderator over at AJB has threatened to ban me from
that site because I speak my mind about how bad DC will be in the role of James Bond, and how bad
CR will be.

The Bond "fan sites" seem to be in the hip pocket of EON. You are not allowed to dare say anything
negative about EON, Daniel Craig or Casino Royale, or else you will be bullied away from the site.

We no longer have free speach on the so-called Bond "fan sites!"

Keep up the good work with your site, and don't hold back from letting everyone know how much
Casino Royale is going to suck with Daniel Craig and all of the other stupid BS that will be in the film!



Hello .

Tomorrow in our  classes, we will be discussing how the media  covers up racism. We are so glad to
see the Colin Salmon article on the web site because we will share your wonderful web site with
everyone and encourage them to visit it to see an example of how Black actors are discriminated
against, even by EON.

I told you about my discussion with them last week regarding Pierce's terrible treatment; well, another
someone in my class told me that her father refuses to see the new Bond film and that he totally
trashed Craig because he is everything that Bond is not.

The message is clear...EON and SONY are in for a major disaster.

Hopefully, that will translate into a Pierce Brosnan Bond film in 2007. That would be very fitting for the
best Bond to play Bond once again...007 in 007!!

Keep up the great work on the news updates. They are VERY effective.

Name withheld


New semester, new students, same old question. I asked my students what movies they were looking
forward to see this Fall. Not one student mentioned James Bond. So, I asked why they didn't mention
the new Bond film.

Most didn't know there was a new Bond movie coming out. Most did not know that Pierce was treated
so badly and fired and that he would not be in the new Bond movie. They figured the new Bond movie
would be coming out when they saw Pierce Brosnan in the ads. Very interesting.

So, I told them the story. After I explained it, a few students said their parents had actually mentioned
that they were not going to see the movie because the actor portraying Bond was "too ugly for the
part". Then, when I told them who it was, some could not believe he was chosen. Your website sums
up almost every comment made! :)

I also noticed something else this week. I was watching my video cassette of "The World Is Not
Enough" over the weekend and discovered it now has about a 20 minute stretch where the tape
appears to tear toward the right at the top of the screen. So, I thought I would buy it on DVD. No luck.

EON has apparently pulled all of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond movies from the shelves so they won't
compete with Casino Royale in the theaters. Can you imagine that? They are further screwing him by
pulling his four movies from retail. I can't even find a new copy on EON has a lot of
hatred for Pierce and the true Bond fans. This must be an all new low for them, if that is possible. I
can't wait for them to crash in November, all of them, Sony included.

I wasn't sure if you were aware of this or not so I thought I would let you know.

Keep up the great work and I hope that you are feeling much better now!

We'll keep fighting the good fight here!


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to inform you of my friends & family’s terrible distress over your
decision to replace Pierce Brosnan with such an unknown as Daniel Craig.
Craig clearly has the wrong looks to play the role of Bond. To add insult to injury,
your decision to reboot the Bond is a terrible one, it wipes out the treasured and
cherished history set out by previous films, many of them now classics.

As a result of our overall unhappiness with your plans for James Bond, a film
character we have enjoyed for many years now, I must inform you that we all plan
to boycott the new film Casino Royale, and any subsequent Bond films or DVDs
featuring the odd-looking, dour Mr. Craig. Furthermore, nothing short of
immediately dismissing Mr. Craig would change our minds. We are also urging
everyone we know to boycott as well. Most of the people we know share our
disappointment with replacing the Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig .

Sincerely yours,

F. A.


I just don't understand those at They bash on anti-Craig Bond fans saying they
are true Bond Fans for supporting Casino Royale when the Bond of Casino Royale is not the true
Fleming Bond. They change him into SAS, when he's an ex-naval commander. It's ironic that its
"commanderbond" when what they were supporting has Bond that is not a "commander" anymore.


Glad to see your site back up.  I am so sick and tired of the people at being
judgemental about what makes a true Bond fan.  What are they, the Bond fan police?  Am I not
worthy?  Judging from the idiot comments on their websites from their sad pathetic regulars, I can
care less what they think of me.  I do not support this Bond movie or the creative talent associated
with it.  Further, has really become so pro-Craig and anti-Pierce it would
almost be funny, but these idiots are serious.  You have this guy named Jim who everyone thinks is
wise and funny and mystical because he had a crush on Pierce Brosnan and Brosnan apparently
rebuffed him in public, so now Jim is really mad.  Jim is just one of the regulars over there who think
Brosnan is the devil, and Craig is Jesus Christ.  Their comments are beyond laughable.  
Glad to see you're back up and running.  


Well, saw the new trailer.  Daniel Craig has one facial expression and one only...a scowl.  A lot of
action.  Hmm, remind why again why Pierce could not have been in this?  Still not going to see it.  
Daniel Craig is a prick.  He is not James Bond!


I'm really glad that you guys are back! I was afraid that someone had shut you down. Now I see that
you have simply changed your name to 'DanielCraigisnotbond' as a direct response to the
'' site. Good for you!

I am member of CBN, and that board has become rather pathetic. Instead of it being a board
dedicated to James Bond and his world. It has now turned into a shrine for those who have a 'man
crush' on Daniel Craig. Really I have to wonder how many of the posters there are the same gay
men who Daniel Craig said surrounded him while he was shooting down in the Bahamas.

At first I thought that it was all a matter of fan enthusiasm--- until on set shots of Craig started to
circulate, and people on CBN starting to say that 'Craig looked just like Connery'. What!!!! I thought?
Are you people on drugs? Craig looks nothing like Sean Connery!  Connery
was tall, dark and handsome. Craig is medium height, blond and very fair.

I also found it amusing that for all the disparaging remarks made about you guys at CnB. The posters
on CBN were actually getting worked up about what you posted on this board. Even though I could
see that a great preponderance of it is tongue in cheek.

I just had the opportunity to see the second full length trailer. And if I wasn't convinced that Craig was
not Bond before, this trailer convinced me in full. In the trailer, it looks as if Daniel Craig is
doing an impersonation of Connery playing Bond, Than Craig actually playing Bond himself. I mean
how pathetic is that?

Keep up the good work. What I like about your site the most is the 'news' part and your stories about
how film and industry insiders are unhappy with this choice. I really hope that Craig lasts only one film
and is fired--or quits. Bring on James Purefroy, Dominic West or Hugh Jackman. Please just make it
an actor who actually looks and behaves like James Bond!


Well done with site.I got fed up with rubbish spouted on MI6 and other so called Bond sites.

All the DC boys seem to be very infantile and I have yet to read a cogent argument from any of them  
"DC is cool man ! " seems to be the limit.

I saw the trailer yesterday and my worst fears have been confirmed. Craig looks totally mis- cast.

Let's hope Sony launch a take over and oust Madam Broccoli. She is clearly out of touch with reality
and public opinion.


Love your site, it cracks me up and I totally agree that they're screwing the franchise. It is so true that
actors always exaggerate their heights (i.e. Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Kiefer Sutherland, etc).
Daniel Craig being 5'11" is not plausible. If you click the link, you will see a picture of him standing
barefoot next to Gwyneth Paltrow who is like 5'6"-5'7" (her height is also exaggerated at 5'9").,%

-J.S. from LA.

PS.-LA is a great city, Daniel Craig doesn't know what he's talking  about.


To whom it may concern;
You have buried 007 by ruining him with such a sub-par, un-charactoristic actor as Daniel Craig. Me
and countless friends and family refuse to see any 007 movies involving him. Bond is not a Nazi
soldier, and should not be played by a man who looks like one. Craig does not understand Bond,
which is obvious with his brutal, clumsy, awkward portrayal. If you value your profits, which I assume is
all you have ever cared about, you will no longer continue with this MISTAKE. You will lose MILLIONS
on wasting a role of 007 calibur, on such an oaf as Craig. All theaters take note if you show this
disgraceful movie that can not be actually considered 007, it will be highly likely you will be boycotted
in total for the duration of the film. You will now learn you must listen to fans, as it is doubtful more
than a couple hundred thousand people will approve of Craig at all, and likely less than 10 million
people will see this movie world wide ever. Maybe you will correct this mistake and all will be forgotten
by casting an actor with competance as 007 in the next movie you claim to be a Bond movie. Until
then none of us will even consider these movies 007 movies, and if you continue with this horrendous
defilement of one of the most beloved cinema charactors of all time, it will be apparent that no one will
consider any of your movies to be 007 since Die Another Day. You will probably quit making that
mistake after you see how detrimental this movie will be to you (and all theaters that show it)
financially; I am also perosnally requesting all who will listen to refuse to see this movie, and many
have agreed. I was kind to warn you of this, but it is unlikely you will read it or heed it. You will know
the truth of this when this movie sets the record for "Biggest Fiancial Loss in Hollywood History."


Dear DCinB Team,

I just wanted to write and say well done on your website.
I have no idea what BB was thinking about when casting Craig but she was certainly on some strong
mind bending narcotics to cast some guy who looks like a Polish plumber.
I saw the trailer and if ever an actor was miscast this is it. He looked wooden and totally out of place
and clearly did not believe he was Bond but an actor trying to be Bond. And what's with the lemon
sucking pout? The poster has been so heavily airbrushed it looks bloody awful. Who are they trying
to kid?
The delivery of the lines was woeful and he looked totally uncomfortable and way out of his depth.
A villain yes but Bond....I don't think so. Sony and EON are scared hence the secret screenings to get
a public opinion. A charmless, plodding, unsophisticated goon in a suit.
I think we have enough "gritty" characters on TV and in movies without dumbing Bond down to this
level. Lifting a few weights doesn't make you Bond. It requires something Craig is lacking by the


Hello Deanna,

On behalf of my wife and I, thank you very much for what you are doing. We thought we were alone in
our disappointment and outrage over this disastrous decision. Pierce Brosnan and James Bond fans
deserved better than we were handed.

I teach at a community college  and I asked my students (72 per class) how many of them had heard
of Pierce Brosnan. With the exception of about 5 students in each class, all of them had heard of
Pierce and knew him as James Bond 007.

Next, I asked the same students how many of them had heard of Daniel Craig. There were only 15
students in one class who had heard of him and about 10 in the other classes who knew of him. Less
than half of those students knew Craig was the new James Bond.

When I told my students the background of the change (the ugly firing of Pierce Brosnan), they were
very upset. In fact, most echoed the same message that they love Pierce Brosnan and had been
waiting for another James Bond movie to come out. By the way, those who knew of Craig did not want
him to be James Bond either. One student talked about Craig's grand entrance and how un-Bond he
was by being scared of a boat ride. He was also upset that he used profanity at an event that children
were watching. Another student commented that it seemed odd that James Bond (Craig) needed a
woman (Judi Dench) to make a statement in his defense, while trashing true Bond fans at the same
time by calling them "despicable". Just another example of how un-Bond Craig is.

I found this very interesting, especially since EON claimed they wanted to reach a younger audience
with Craig, an audience they claim cannot connect with the aging Brosnan. And there was more bad
news for EON when another student said he loved the games that Brosnan was in as 007. Oh well,
another lost market for EON. :)

I wrote e-mails to Amy Pascal prior to their decision and each was completely ignored. I warned her
that moviegoers had fewer and fewer reasons to go to the theaters to watch major motion pictures
and that we were beginning to learn to enjoy life without going to the movies. I cannot believe how
correct that statement was. My wife and I have no intention of seeing Casino Royale, in the theater or
on DVD. This will be the first James Bond movie we will not have seen. It's even more painful knowing
that Pierce Brosnan would have been wonderful in this movie.

Shortly after casting Daniel Craig, I remember the Director being quoted as saying that, "They will
hang us like dogs if we don't get this right." They should be concerned. I hear there is a run on rope
at all the local hardware stores! :)

I do not subscribe to any of the Bond websites and I have never posted on them as well. My wife and I
admire what you are doing for the reasons you are doing it. We want you to know that we support
you! We pray that Pierce gets the opportunity to wear the tuxedo at least one more time on his terms.
Hopefully, Amy Pascal and EON will be fired for what they done and the new regime will restore order.


Dear CraigNotBond Website,

First of all congratulations on the website, not only did it highlight how unsuited and out of place
Daniel Craig is as James Bond but you are helping to voice the opinions of loyal Bond fans from
around the world.

At first I thought I was the only one who could see how uncharismatic Craig would make as James
Bond, but once I asked around my friends and work colleagues I realised they all agreed, so I don't
understand why EON has made such an error on the casting. Was Daniel Craig really that cheap??!!
No offense to Daniel, I have seen Layer Cake and think he's quite a good actor and yes I do feel that
there is a role for him in the new James Bond film but as a BADDIE!! Surely the short, ugly blond
looks together with his craggy face should be put to better use as a superb Bond villian.

In all honesty, I think EON got the contracts mixed up and Daniel Craig really was meant to play the
villian but by the time the press had leaked out they were probably too embarrassed to admit their
error and accepted him as Bond, which is the only saving grace that I will give EON. EON has
forgotten what makes the Bond franchise so successful and that is due to the loyal fans. However,
they will soon realise their mistake when the movie bombs as I will definitely be boycotting it.

Please get back our beloved Pierce Brosnan or someone with a cool, charming and charismatic

Really, when EON was looking for a replacement for James Bond they should have got straight to the
point and advertised for someone that was CHEAP. Obviously with all the budget being spent more
and more on explosives and action scenes, they've literally ran out of money to actually pay the


Chris, Glasgow, Scotland


You have certainly caught the attention of the filmmaking world!


Apparently, the people on are calling you homophobic and think you should be
shut down for your remarks about Daniel Craig?  This is from the same site that permits the worst
kinds of things being said about Pierce Brosnan?  Do we see a double standard here?  
This is about a producer, Barbara Brocolli, who was stuck with a Bond she never wanted, with Pierce
Brosnan.  She wanted Sean Bean for Bond back in 1994, interestingly enough.  The studio forced
Brosnan on them.  No Brosnan, no Bond, they said.  When she saw an opportunity to get Brosnan
out of the picture, she did so.  Unfortunately, she put up someone she has clearly been having some
type of relationship with, with her boy toy Daniel Craig.  
That is the picture.  Homophobia?  Nope.  Not here.  


Hello, I'm very happy you are back on line again!

But I wanted to let you know that I'm glad you are back.

Also, I visited yesterday for the first time in about 8 months or so.
I stopped posting on there about a month after DC was announced as the new "Bond" because I was
so sick of those Daniel Craig Kool Aid drinking punks that just team up on you if you don't bow at the
feet of Daniel Craig.

I still post on AJB some. There are a few Craig Kool Aid drinkers on there too, but fortunately there
are far less on AJB than on CBn.

Someone started a thread on CBn asking what would you change about Casino Royale. And you had
the usual morons saying they wouldn't change anything, that the film will be perfect.

But one CBn member went so far as to ask that the thread be removed from the site. It was obvious
that they just could not stand the though that some people might criticize the film.

The majority of these Daniel Craig worshiping punks are so childish with their defense of DC.

I have found that in almost all cases the Daniel Craig as Bond fans are only fans simply because they
hate Pierce Brosnan and they just want ANYONE other than Pierce Brosnan as Bond no matter how
pathetic he may be.

It's obvious that these DC supporters will CLAIM that Casino Royale is great even if it SUCKS
ROYALY, because they will not have the maturity to admit that it was a huge mistake to cast Daniel
Craig as James Bond.


I can't wait for your site to come back up. Any idea when it will come back?


Hi, I see you are creating a new anti-Craig website. Good luck with it. I'm 100 % in support of you and
your site. I think Daniel Craig is the worst choice for Bond - TERRIBLE!
I'm 100% certain Craig will flop as Bond or at any rate not be a hit. I'm predicting at least half the box
office gross of Die Another Day and CR not hitting 100 million dollars at the US box office. I'm sure
he'll be replaced in Bond 22. Let's hope so.


I found out that www.craignotbond was gone I was pissed off !!! THANK'S FOR BRINGING BACK THE
ANTICRAIG SITE !!!!!!!!!!!


I first of all am writing anonymously because of the head of a production company I wouldn't want to
be associated with a company with such bad taste in character selection.

I find it rather enlightening that someone at Sony would have a few brain cells left to waste on bad
casting instead of buying some glasses or even a newspaper. Fans sell a movie and a franchise. I
know because with fans my pix wouldn't have done as well as they have. I find it rather refreshing that
this time instead of blaming the actor of doing a poor job or the script writer of missing the mark the
production company can be taken to task on it's obvious willingness to accept a bribe from a B-list
actor, which is obviously the case with actor Daniel Craig. I would be interested to know the amount
you took from him to score the deal. Obviously enough to off-set the cost when the film does poorly.

I have advised my production staff, family, friends and some in the community to save their money for
the next rocky picture or perhaps Jurrasic 4. Oh and I have friends in Hollywood 'North' with the same
convictions. Sadly in the industry, bad press spreads faster than Paris's escapades.

James Bond is not only an industry icon, he's the hero for many around the world. And by not
listening to the fans, your source of success, you are saying your pathetic attempts to appease a
struggling actor mean more. Yeah take that to the bank guys. Meanwhile I will be laughing out of the
other side of my face. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Nice of you big guys to open up some doors to
us little guys who know how to produce a movie worth watching!


I hope the boycott site does come back because I don't like bullying or censorship. They have a right
to exist. Eon have a website after all. It's called !


The new CraigisnotBond site needs to be thrown into the breach immediately. There is a huge gap
now that needs to be plugged.


I totally agree. Craigisnotbond need to be launched ASAP. The wait is killing me. The opposition
needs to fight till the very end.


I met Cubby Broccoli. He had a racehorse called "Broccoli",
but it sucked on the race track and never did much :) = he raced near
me, in Maryland. I do not like Daniel Craig; I hate the trailers for Casino
Royale;and  basically I think all the new movies after Pierce are really bad.
How do I get in touch with Pierce's current International Fan Club?


Whew!! I was afraid the evil Barbara B. & M.Wilson did something to shut you
down. Look forward to seeing the new site.


I hope the boycott site does come back because I don't like bullying or censorship. They have a right
to exist. Eon have a website afterall. It's called !


Hi, I see you're creating a new anti-Craig website. Good luck with it.
I'm 100 percent in support of you and your site. I think Daniel Craig is the worst choice for Bond -


We need the boycott site!!!!! Thanks for bringing it back!