To Russia With Lies

The Sinking Ship

To Russia With Lies.
Through friends of the site from around the world we
have been made aware of the deliberate
misrepresentation of Daniel Craig in the foreign ad
campaigns. One example is the Russian GQ magazine
where headline of the article inside the magazine
announces to the potential Russian audience that Daniel
Craig has “always wanted to be Bond since he was a
little boy”, an out right lie. We know that it is a lie
because Daniel’s Mother admitted that Daniel was not
interested in Bond as a little boy, although she
remember most of his friends being obsessed with the
phenomena. It also should be remembered that Daniel
Craig couldn’t be bothered to attend a Bond movie in the
theater since 1973.

The deliberate misrepresentation of Craig to a foreign
audience is a heinous crime.
This second class treatment of a people because it is
assumed they are undereducated, unable to comprehend
the language, and are oblivious to the happenings in the
English world outside their boarders.

Also of grave concern is the 500 prints of the film being
foist on the population of India. One report remarked it
was a risky venture to do so, however they did not
elaborate as to why it was a risk. It is completely
conceivable that this is an attempt to buffalo and
undermine the rich movie market in India. Apparently
with very stiff competition from a popular Indian movie
the weekend after Casino Royale opens, the goal of the
producers is to loot the box-office opening weekend.
Truly the people of India should be offended by this
affront there their sovereignty. It is a despicable
attitude that has prevailed in dealing with our fellow
fans in foreign countries. If it were not for the already
clear reasons of the abomination to the Bond legacy we
would have boycotted this movie on these moral
grounds alone.