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Playing Bond for the Money?

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Posted by Clint Morris on April 15, 2006

This one time, at Bond Camp. Some have always dreamt to be Bond. Brosnan, with
his first wife were passionate for him to be so, as interviews have claimed and
informal chats I’ve been in. However, Mr. Craig, honest as he is, is simply cashing in,
waiting for those bigger money movies to come flooding in. Now, I find it a little sad,
hearing statements like that. I am, believe it or not, a Bond admirer and make no
secret of my disliking Daniel Craig as a Bond choice, not as an actor. He’s a
tremendous actor and I’m sure he’ll do well as a rough and tumble action man. With
Bahamas done and dusted on ‘Casino’, a Gibbon pal of mine told me at the Coffee
Bean the other week that Mr. Craig is in the frame of a comic book hero and a buddy
action movie. I’m doubting either and will stay where he is more appreciated, in
'Munich' territory. Those of you who haven’t, check out Daniel Craig in ‘Our Friends
In The North’, a BBC drama spanning about 30 years of four friends in the North of
England, UK.