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Craig Says "Screw Them!
To Unhappy Bond Fans

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March 10, 2006

The unpopular new 007, Daniel Craig has finally hit back at the barrage of criticism
he's been receiving by telling James Bond critics to "go screw" live on American TV.

The British actor, who has been slated for 'shortcomings' including being blonde,
not being suave enough, getting seasick when filming action scenes and not being
able to drive a manual car, was appearing on entertainment show Extra.

When asked how he dealt with his bad press and disgruntled Bond fans Daniel
replied: "We're making a movie, and I think we're making a really good movie. When
it comes out, if they still feel the same way then, you know, screw them!"

But anti-Daniel Craig website has hit back at 007's "disgraceful"
comments. Spokesperson Deanna Brayton said: "As someone who has been a
lifelong Bond fan and an admirer of the humanitarian work and dignified bearing of
former Bonds Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Sean Connery, I believe that Daniel
Craig has disgraced himself with his brusque remarks.

"It only goes further to support the position held by many fans that Daniel Craig has
neither the class required for the role of Bond, nor the character to be the caretaker
of such a beloved and iconic movie hero.

"Our only hope is that Bond fans who have been on the fence about Mr. Craig will
now realize that we who were unhappy with him from day one were right all along."

With this much controversy MI6 might have to consider retiring their top spy before
he damages their image!