Casino Royale, most disappointing
Bond film ever.

Casino Royale, most disappointing Bond film ever
Joginder Tuteja,
Friday, November 17, 2006

The newest edition of 007 movies, CASINO ROYALE, has
turned out to be one of the most disappointing Bond flicks

The film was premiered yesterday at Delhi and it was
shocking to witness the slow pace sans any chills and thrills
in this 'Birth-of-Bond' movie. There are just about 3-4
notable scenes in the film and that includes a couple of
excellently orchestrated action sequences in the first 45
minutes of the film, followed by a scene or two at the casino

Apart from this, the film tries to rely heavily on emotional
moments, hence trying to show the softer side of James
Bond. But in an attempt to do so, it deviates from the vintage
Bond following that it has cultivated over the decades.

Things slow down considerably in the pre-climax and the
story seems to be moving towards an abrupt end. Though the
climax gets your attention back in for a couple of minutes, it
doesn't really come with a kind of shock value. In fact, one
has now got used to such twists in numerous
Hollywood/Bollywood films over the last few years. A below
average climax action sequence which follows, only adds on
to the boredom further.

Also missing is the tongue-in-cheek humour which is
normally associated with every Bond movie. Here the witty
dialogues are few and far-between and there is hardly a
chance for Bond to showcase his naughty side.

Daniel Craig is fine as an actor but comparisons with Sean
Connery and even Pierce Brosnan are inevitable. Craig does
well but the loyal followers of Connery and Brosnan would be
ready with their daggers out, once the film is screened across
the world.