Next James Bond Will be Gay?
British actor Rupert Everett is convinced he would be the perfect
replacement for current star Daniel Craig.

British actor Rupert Everett, who has always been open
about his sexual preferences, wants to be the next
James Bond.

We've had an aging Bond, we now have a blond Bond.
Seems like we are up to a gay Bond, as British gay actor
Rupert Everett declared he is determined to be the next
James Bond.

Not surprisingly, Everett insists he would choose the
world's top supermodels to be Bond girls.

"I would love to be James Bond. I would have
supermodels as my Bond girls. I'd have Linda
Evangelista, Naomi Campbell - all those lovely
supermodels," Everett said.

However, his ultimate Bond girl would be British
voluptuous model Jordan.

Rupert Everett has appeared in a number of high-profile
film roles, often playing heterosexual leads, although
Everett is openly gay offscreen. He is also a Vanity Fair
contributing editor.

In 2006 Rupert Everett revealed he had had a 6-year
affair with Paula Yates. “I am mystified by my
heterosexual affairs - but then I am mystified by most of
my relationships," he said.