Media May be
James Bond's New Enemy
  By Sunny Edwards

If art imitates life, than chances are strong the organization that emerges as James
Bond's formidable foe could be the AP wire service or CNN news network.

In classic James Bond fashion, actor Daniel Craig arrived via speedboat with wind
blown hair and modeling a Brioni designer suit to the press conference scheduled
by Sony Pictures to be announced as the heir to the coveted role of super spy
James Bond.

The powers behind the closely guarded, highly successful James Bond film
commodities did everything in their power to cast the most highly focused,
brilliantly shining spotlight on their hand-picked star.

"Martin Campbell, the high profile director of "The Legend of Zorro" who is
attached to direct Craig in his premier as Bond just as he guided his predecessor
Pierce Brosnan in his 007 premier, embraced the new franchise star for the media,
hugging him in a show of support for the cameras."

"Because of an unforgetting media, all the right moves by the Bond executives
aren’t proving enough to a make an even keel arrival for the new Bond star.  Just
like Bond has changed actors, the way news is reported has changed."

"The news, it seems, is proving to be worst enemy for the actor Daniel Craig and
the publicity machine charged with making him larger than life."

"In the modern age of the Internet, high speed communication, and multi-media
news, Craig enters the world of Bond in the shadow of clouds and doubt unlike
any previous Bond actor has ever endured."

"It is public knowledge that no less than three actors were offered the role of
James Bond prior to acceptance by Craig."

"In August, two months prior to Craig's unveiling as the only actor ever
considered for Bond, it was announced that Australian Hugh Jackman had turned
down a three picture offer to play Bond.

Despite the old line efforts to wish away the past offer to Jackman with statements
that Craig was the only actor offered the part; Cinema Eye, Movie Hole, Coming
Soon, Ireland's Public Service Broadcaster RTE, Sydney Morning Herald, The
Hollywood Reporter, and many other news groups are undeniable sources of
news to the contrary.

During the press conference, Craig let it slip that like Owen, Travolta, and
Jackman, he too had to consider the type casting ramifications of playing Bond
and did not accept instantly.  

When asked by CNN about statements in the official press release announcing
Craig as Bond, Craig stated, "I hope there's an element of truth in it."